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5 key points to focus to convert your website traffic

As a marketing person of a SaaS business ( subscription business), you need to focus on Inbound Marketing. It is important to attract and convert the website visitors into leads which are also known as Conversions. In the buyer's journey, the people who visit your website may be in the consideration stage and might not be aware of your value proposition. Idea is to attract and engage the customers with useful content so that website visitors voluntarily provide the contact details.

Conversion is a process when the website visitor takes the desired action.

The question is why it is important to have an eye on Conversation?. Conversion data can give a lot of information about the customers. Fundamentally, it answers who and why the customers are interested in your solution. The data can help us with 'what is working' and 'what is not working'. The data also helps to understand how customers are interacting with your website, whether the customers are engaged with the content or not. A conversion path is a carefully crafted journey through which the buyer persona interacts and engages with the relevant content. The following are the steps to build effective ways to build a great conversion path.

1) Value Proposition of your Offer

It is a very important aspect that you need to display the unique value proposition of your offer. Your buyer persona has a specific search and looking for a solution for his/her need. Let us take an example of a writing tool. Textio is an augmented writing assistive tool which helps the HR department with grammar correction. When you land on the page, there is a moving image depicting what they do and the value proposition is clear and straight forward.

2) Relevance of content

The conversion path starts with the engagement of the customer with your platform. However, interested customers will not give away the contact details so easily unless you provide relevant information or content which is useful to the buyer persona. The best example we can take is Totango. Totango provides a 'Customer Success Management Solution' and the target customers are Customer Success Managers. Totango provides relevant content that is useful for CSM roles. Interested people can provide their details like mail id, contact number, company name, etc and download the useful content. This is a great way of attracting relevant customers and convert them from website visitors to leads.

3) Urgency

This is one of the very important points in Conversion Path. Urgency is what value customers miss if they do not click the button immediately. The best example is 'Canva' which allows the customers to create a free account and customers can experience many features of the platform for free. This offer is difficult to let go of the features of the platform are very much useful for content creators or designers. A single click can create an account and customers can access the platform which is difficult to resist.

4) Clarity

Clarity is what is that the customer is going get if he downloads the content? The best example is the content offered by Gainsight. Gainsight clearly mentions what the customers are going to get if they download the report.

The good part is that the Gainsight website takes the consent of the customers to send emails about the products and services.

5) Distraction

The path to reach out to the content should be distraction-free and customers should be able to easily navigate the website to reach the content. Conversion tools can be chatbots, messages, buttons, forms, webinars, meeting links, etc.

If you are a SaaS business, then it is important to convert the website visitors as leads and channel them towards the funnel by attracting them and engaging them.

Take care of these points to convert the website traffic to paid customers.

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