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6 tips to improve customer delight

Have you ever wondered about how 'Customer Success' is different from Customer Delight? Customer Delight is something different compared to Customer Success that creates that ' Aha' moment. This is about going that 'extra mile' and concreting loyalty of the customers. Valuing the customers and thanking them for being associated with you. It is an effort to bring that 'happy smile' on the face and connecting with the customer emotionally. However, in the era of marketing gimmicks, customers do not believe you so easily unless you are really genuine and your intentions are not marketing efforts but Customer Delight. Remember, happy customers, are acceleration for growth.


Customer Delight is an intentional approach of delighting customers to increase engagement, loyalty, and advocacy.


Today, let us talk about 'Customer Delight' in general and with few examples of the EdTech sector. ( This is because I work in the EdTech sector and it is easy for me to give examples based on my experience). Let us assume that we have an Education platform having e-content and certifications and we are working in both B2B and B2B2C space. The following would be the steps for great Customer Delight.

1) Create that ' Aha' moment.

How do you really create that Aha moment for the customer? The offering has to be really good and value-added service for the customers. For your loyal customers, are you giving great additional features free of cost or only 10% of the original cost on the eve of the festival? In EdTech, you can think of giving three levels of certifications free of cost for loyal customers who stayed with you for the last two years. You can give additional 10000 pages extra for plagiarism check for the educational institute which has given you a maximum business in the running year. 2) Be genuine Nowadays, people do not believe so easily and do not trust that the offers are so special for them. The majority of the customers feel that the offer is another marketing gimmick. For Customer Delight, you have to be really really genuine. The value proposition has to be really genuine. In EdTech, probably you can offer two more levels of certification free to the customers who subscribed to your platform for the last two years and cleared the first level of certification. 3) Must have a personal touch A personalized e-mail detailing the platform usage and achievements can give a personal touch. If it is B2B space then probably, you can have a workshop/webinar to the students and announce the offer.

4) The offer must be unexpected and must create a delight.

Think of bringing a 'surprise element' in the offer. How can you really make the customer smile with happiness? How can you make the customer really feel valued? In EdTech space, you can think of a great offer when customers achieve a milestone. Probably, for a person who cleared two levels of certifications, you can offer the next two levels free of cost or ten percent of the original cost exactly when he downloads the certificate.

5) Make Customer valued.

Communicate genuinely and thank the customer for being loyal to your platform. This is possible only when your offerings have a ' real value proposition' from the perspective of the customer. ( Of course not from your perspective).

In the case of EdTech space, can you think of giving free access/lifetime access to all the content related to competitive exam preparation for the customer who is preparing for a competitive exam?. Because he might appear for one or more exams or he may try in the coming years as well.

6) Make it Talk of the Town

Do you remember, Amazon or Flipkart big billion days? Always people really wait for the offers and wait for it. Think of something people talk about, people share in social media. 'Customer Delight' process must create buzz and happy customers must be your salespeople and create awareness about your product. "Put in Lipstick in your mirror or whatever. Any business which has delighted customers has a sales force to whom you need not pay. They are not seen but always they will be talking about your product" - Warren Buffet

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