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A Canva alternative, Stencil v/s Canva - Ultimate guide to choosing the best tool for you.

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Stencil is a new entrant in the arena of competition and Canva is everyone's favorite. For the small entrepreneurs and professionals both the tools offer a similar experience. The questions which tool is better with respect to the value proposition for the investment. Let us see the various features of both Canva and Stencil.


With respect to Usability, User experience, availability of templates, drag and drop feature bot the platforms offer a similar experience.

One can get the following offerings in both the platforms.

1) Unlimited Templates which you can design and use it for posting in any of the social media.

2) You can upload your own creations and can upload the templates and make changes as per your requirement in bot the tools.

3) You can download the finished templates in the required format (PNG, ODF, etc) in both the tools.

Now let us check the pricing of both Canva and Stencil.

Clearly Canva has an advantage for free users. It allows the user to use more than 8000 images and can design the templates. However, Stencil allows only 10 images per month. I do not see much difference in the 'Pro' subscription of both the tools. The stencil is offering 2,20,0000 images, 2000,000 icons, and Instagram support as well. If we consider price as a factor, then Stencil has an upper hand here.

One more advantage of Stencil is that you can create quotes by choosing from 10000 collections of quotes. This seems to be a cool feature of Stencil.

Another cool feature of Stencil is that you can directly connect with various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc and can upload your creations directly from the Stencil website.

Stencil Features for the small businesses

  • 100,000 quotes you can drag and drop and you can design your template.

  • You can create a template with a transparent background even in the free version.

  • Preview social media posts before you post on social media or before download.

  • Access to 2,500+ Google fonts within the tool

  • More than 10000 icons.

  • Chrome extension and browser extensions.

Canva Features for the small businesses

  • A huge collection of templates

  • Color wheel color matcherTeam access and shared folders

  • Access to millions of photos starting at $1 each

  • GIF creator

If we consider the free version then definitely Canva is the winner because of its huge number of free templates and if we consider the paid versions, Stencil is the winner which offers value for money with the following features.

1) Great collection of images. You need not visit Pexels for the best images.

2) A huge collection of 30000 icons created by professionals.

3) Directly share the templates on social media.

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