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Best Landing Page Software to generate leads in 2021

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

Are you looking for the best landing page software?

Finding the perfect landing page software for business is demanding. Especially when a quick google search gives you 18,50,00,000 results. We are here to help you and we have consolidated the best software tools for you to build your landing pages.

What follows is a list of the 10 best landing page software for driving traffic and conversions in 2021.

What you mean by landing page and why it is used?

Let us assume that you are searching for something very specific. For example, you are looking for a 'growth marketing' course. If you google and land on a website, you have to search for the information. To give more specific information, Landing Pages can be used. The user will land on a specific page and receives specific information.

A landing is stood is a stand-alone page that directs the searcher to a specific action. For example, you are campaigning for a growth marketing course, you will design a landing page that directs the searcher to buy the course ( CTA or Call to Action)

Where can you use a landing page?

Landing pages are generally used in webinar registration, course registration, email signups, etc.

How to build a perfect landing page?

  • 1. Value proposition - The value proposition must be very clear and irresistible

  • 2. CTA - a clear call to action. The examples of Call to Action are 'Subscribe, Check seven days free trial, access free content, download free e-content, etc

  • 3. Visuals - that evoke emotions. The visuals have to be attractive and eye-catchy

  • 4. Whitespaces- to avoid clutter

  • 5. Social proof - to validate your product

  • 6. Interactive content - to maximize traffic and qualified leads

After building the landing pages, you need to take care of the following things to maximize the benefits of landing pages.

1. A/B testing feature - This feature will help you to analyze what works and what not works. With the help of A/B testing, one can design an accurate message.

2. Integrations - If you are using third-party tools for funnel building and or for auto-response, then you need to be extra vigilant in the proper integration of the tools.

3. Analytics - This provides you with data that you can use to conclude what’s working for you or what you need to change on your landing page.

4. Optimized for devices - Optimising the landing pages are important because more than 60% of the traffic arises from mobile traffic.

5. Design features and templates - The more options the better. A feature-rich landing page builder helps you try out a bunch of styles before finalizing a great landing page that suits your branding and objectives the best.

6.Learning curve - The learning curve to design the landing page must be less and designing must be easy and simple.

Best Landing Pages for the year 2021

1. Instapage

Instapage is one of the best tools in the industry and Instapage has the best success factors in the industry. This tool allows for A/B tests as well as multivariate tests. Moreover, Instapage has over 120 integrations. What makes it really easy to use is its drag and drop builder. Its core solutions include lead generation via landing pages for ad campaigns as well as sales pages for eCommerce sales.

This landing page builder provides widgets — including videos, countdown timers, and custom widgets through code.

Key Features

1. Instapage offers a variety of integrations for email marketing campaigns, CRMs, and analytics.

2. Instapage also give Heatmaps which can help you to analyze where the website visitors are focussing.

3. Additionally, Instapage allows you to streamline your ad flows using a feature called Admaps where you can clearly view the different steps involved in your campaign.

4. This landing page software offers AMP landing pages for a fast post-click experience even on mobile phones.

5.The tool has over 600+ layouts by industry and use cases.

6. Moreover, the Instablocks feature allows you to save parts of pre-built landing pages and reuse them in other landing pages without having to build them again. 7.Lastly, the “Collaboration” feature allows you to have all your teammates onboard so that multiple iterations don’t delay the process. You can make changes at once by collaborating.

2. Kartra

This landing page builder is essentially a swiss army knife for your business.

Dynamic landing pages for capturing leads, sales pages for eCommerce businesses, and checkout or an upsell page - the entire flow can be created using an IF and THEN automation. You can also build mailing lists and put these leads in buckets as they go down the funnel and easily track them.

Kartra also makes it easy to share the campaigns created by clients without the need to share their Kartra credentials. These user-generated funnels can also be sold or shared on their inbuilt platform that they call the Kartra marketplace.

Kartra additionally offers an affiliate management system.

Key Features

1. You save time and cost as one tool helps you build the entire funnel.

2. All your user data from various channels are available on one dashboard.

3. The agency account allows agency owners to centrally manage client accounts. 4. Their marketplace consists of pre-built campaigns (including landing pages) that you can directly implement in your campaigns with minor tweaks.

5. Their video functionality allows you to create professional course videos.

Pricing: Pai

3. Mailerlite

Mailerlite is predominantly an email marketing software. But it offers a free landing page builder under their free plan for up to 5 landing pages and 1000 subscribers.

You can create personalized blocks like Instapage and Kartra; showing different emails and landing pages to different categories of audiences. However, the A/B split testing features and heatmap analytics are only available in their higher plans.

Mailerltie’s landing page software has an intuitive drag-drop builder as well. You can choose from 25+ templates and over 25 ‘content blocks’ like newsletter archives, image carousels, testimonials, events and contact forms.

Key Features

1. In addition to Mailerlite’s free plan (offering 5 free landing pages), you can use SitesPro, an optional add-on to MailerLite, that offers unlimited websites, landing pages, and custom domains.

2. Mailerlite provides a bunch of integrations both native and via Zapier.

3. You can add notification bars to inform your landing page visitors about important changes or use them as cookie notifications.

4. It also provides heatmaps for analytics.

Pricing: Free + Paid

4. Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes is essentially a WordPress plugin and theme builder that offers a whole suite of tools that help you build conversion-optimized websites and landing pages.

Its offerings include the “Thrive Architect” for creating landing pages, “Thrive Optimize” for A/B testing and reporting, “Thrive Leads” for the mailing list, “Thrive Apprentice” to build online courses, and much more.

You can choose from over 100 pre-built landing pages or make one from scratch across use cases like lead generation, sales pages, courses, etc.

Key Features

1. Since it’s a WordPress plugin, its prebuilt landing page templates easily integrate with the general settings of your WordPress. As the image shows, it will automatically pick your terms and conditions, privacy policy, disclaimer, and contacts, etc.

2. It allows you to add elements like countdown timers, testimonials, credit card icons including entire blocks consisting of text, images, etc. in your landing page just like Instapage does. Again, you can choose from 100s of pre-designed blocks here. 3. Its landing page creator also allows you to customize for mobile devices such that you can remove elements that you don't want on certain devices. 4.It offers full page-width layouts for images, hover effects, and a wide variety of other styles without coding. 5. Any feature available is not gated behind expensive plans.

6. You can concurrently run unlimited A/B tests with unlimited variations.

Pricing: Paid

5. GetResponse

GetResponse is software for the entire conversion funnel. From email marketing to landing pages to marketing automation - their features are divided into role-based and activity-based solutions.

It’s a drag and drop landing page builder with provisions to create pop-ups, forms, webinars, and eCommerce pages. It has over 150 professionally designed templates and 200+ integrations with an in-depth reporting dashboard.

Key Features

1. We all know interactive content is taking center stage. Using Outgrow-GetResponse integration you can create interactive experiences that are designed for conversion and engagement.

2. It gives its users access to Shutterstock images and gif files from Giphy.

3. Furthermore, Getresponse’s webinar software allows you to conduct unlimited webinars with up to 1000 live attendees.

4. It is an all-in-one tool for your entire marketing funnel with great value for money.

Pricing: Paid

6. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is essentially a CRM tool that offers multiple features including site building tools. So you can use it to build landing pages, sales pages, email newsletters, online ordering pages, etc. They offer features such as industry-specific templates, marketing automation, live chat widget, and autoresponders to name a few.

Bitrix24 is ideal for small businesses or startups looking to build simple landing pages with other essential tools to play with on a tight budget.

Key Features

1. Bitrix24 offers in its free plan - free unlimited landing pages + free hosting + free CRM and marketing tools. It however has the Bitrix24 branding.

2.It has an intuitive landing page builder with blocks and no code.

3. Its biggest benefit is the integration it offers. Any lead that converts on your Bitrix24 landing page gets added to Bitrix’s CRM. You can then start marketing to them (emails, SMSes, etc.) for free up to 1000 leads per month on their free plan.

4. It is an open-source software which means you can add or customize features to fit your needs.

7. Launchrock

Launchrock is a landing page software that also offers a community to those starting up and launching their product. It provides an ecosystem — early customer acquisition, a landing page builder, a whole suite of marketing tools, and guides and resources.

This landing page software has a simple builder with premade templates and customizable pages using codes for advanced needs.

You can even add floating sign-up forms, add or delete blocks, and change themes according to your needs.

Key Features

1. Launchrock offers resources to educate newbie founders across steps in the startup journey including - ideation, planning, product launch, and even funding.

2. Additionally, it offers pre-launch communities and email campaigns where you can talk to early customers and implement relevant suggestions. 3. The tool has a drag and drop WYSIWYG editor. 4. Launchrock offers a free landing page builder apart from its premium plans.

Pricing: Free + Paid

8 Landingi

Landingi is an exclusive landing page builder. Additionally, they also have the feature to create ad banners and pop-ups.

You can choose from a wide range of landing page templates based on your industry and goal. Their builder is drag and drop in every sense of the term without any restrictions on where you wish to place the widgets. Moreover, it has analytics and optimization features such as personalization in landing pages.

Key Features

1.You can create a ‘Thank You’ page within the same editor as the main page. So if you’re creating an email newsletter signup landing page and want a subsequent ‘Thank You’ page, you won’t have to find another template and build it from scratch.

2. Landingi offers 4 different kinds of triggers for the popups. Hence, you can go for an exit-intent popup, a popup depending on the scroll depth or time spent on the website, or even when the users take any action on the page.

3. It has a one-click duplication feature making A/B/X tests easier.

4.This landing page software also offers a huge library of icons and templates.

5.Furthermore, they also offer a WordPress plugin.

Pricing: Paid

Case Study

Fly in the Cloud, a Landingi client, is a consultant in the IT industry providing software solutions and they were looking to run marketing campaigns. For this, they needed a landing page builder that could build huge numbers of landing pages quickly and easily.

Hence, they created webinar invitation landing pages using Landingi. They also made use of a novel feature in Landingi’s builder which allowed them to duplicate the same landing page in multiple languages.

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