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Change these behaviors, if not you will regret soon!

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Transforming from manager to leader is not easy. In fact, it is a process of evolution of learning and unlearning various things. Many of us unknowingly continue our 'old self' and do not recognize the 'new self' we have to embrace.

“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.” – Jack Welch

Our cations speak a lot and will impact on the culture of the organization. The bad behavior results in mistrust and underperformance. A majority of us know the following 'not to do's, but we forget to practice because of the die-hard habits. The following are a few of the things we have to unlearn when we become managers.

1) Stop patting your back and I know what you did last summer

👿 I know you just got very angry. I understand that you had done so much and you got awards in your previous companies. I know you are an iron man and you got third prize in the recent TCS marathon. I understand that because of Kenyan runners you could not get the first prize. I respect your 99.8% in IIT and I appreciate the very fact that you were the top performer in 1997. Everyone respects these facts that you are genius but whether have you observed that the new employee is sending professional emails? Do you know that the junior sales executive has uploaded the product video on youtube? Do you know that your own colleague is great at SEO?

Yes. This is the time to identify the skills of the employees and appreciate the good deeds of others. Being a manager, it is important for you to appreciate and encourage others.

2) Do not try to solve everything yourselves - Delegate

I understand that you have a COBAL certificate and can code Java as well. But this is the time to delegate to employees and letting others make the mistakes. Unless you leave the room for others to play, they can not make mistakes and learn. Now, you are a coach and this is the time to watch others play.

3) Do not do micro-management

I know that you want to have control over the operations and you are answerable to top management. But it is OK to allow the new employees to for an afternoon tea. Let the middle-level manager speak during the meetings. I do not think it is very necessary for you to call your tail end guy at the field to ensure his work done.

4) Unlearn and Learn

I completely understand that from the year 1990 - 2005, you used to get a lot of business from defense and other government departments. I am not very sure that your strategy of waiting for the decision-maker for hours and meeting him late evening ( 😊😜 ) will work today also. It may work in some cases, and may not work in the majority of the cases.

I understand that over-promising the client with PPTs used to be a 'winning strategy'. But things are changing. You may have to check the new business phenomenon wherein with drag and drop options companies are allowing the customers to build their own applications. Companies are onboarding customers for free. I feel this is the time to unlearn and learn new technology and way of business.

5) Stop that 'Meeting' syndrome

Even I like hot Samosa and some random discussions during meetings. In fact, my grandfather does the same in the evenings with his friends under a banyan tree. But do you think that daily meetings, evening meetings, strategy meetings, and forecast meetings are necessary?

Can we try some tools instead? There are many tools available where groups can be created and thought processes can be brought on a common platform. It is better to have meetings with a clear agenda and clear points to discuss.

6) Please add your own points and think about how you can be a good leader.

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