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Create the 'experience map of your prospects. It is very important!

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Experience mapping is a must to set the context to prepare a content strategy. Experience mapping is a must to plan your 'Customer Success'. Content and Context attract the right prospects. The journey of a stranger (to your products and services ) through becoming a happy customer of yours is an experience map.

It is very important to identify a detailed step by step experience map of the customer so as to identify various touchpoints in the journey. In the crowded jungle of content, the challenge is how do you reach out to prospects and engage them to become a paying client. The following are the (few steps mentioned, you can add more) steps identified to define the experience map of your customer.

1) How do the prospects find you? Whether you have emailed them? Whether he contacted you after google search?

2) What was the type of contact? Whether he/she emailed you? or call to your office? Or he reached out to you on Linkedin?

Whether he downloaded the ebook from your website after giving his contact details?

3) Whether you can create a demo login so that prospects can experience your product?

4) After logging in whether prospects can learn by doing? Whether you have a guided journey explaining how to use your platform? (The best example is the Google Analytics platform. You can experience the platform with a guided journey).

5) Whether you have created easily available content that is relevant and useful for the customer? Say, a Youtube video of a walkthrough of the platform so that prospects can be familiar with your product. He can understand the various features of the product.

6) Why the prospect has opted for giving his contact number and email id to experience your platform or to download the ebook/attended the webinar? What is the problem you are solving?

7) What is the 'aha' moment of the prospects which turned prospects into a paying client?

8) How can you make the experience much easier? ( Many of the prospects are not ready to give credit card information for the trial period. If you remove that option more customer will explore the product).

9) How do you enable the customer to make an informed decision? Can you give a comparison of the features and price of your product and of your competitors? The best example is Zoho which clearly provides a comparison of the features of its competitors to its customers and also provides an ROI calculator. This information helps to reduce the anxiety of the customer in the busying process.

10) What are your plans for staying in touch with the new customer? Whether you have a robust onboarding process? A robust onboarding process makes customers happy and engaged.

Can you inform his achievements once in a while so as to be engaged with him? The best example is Grammarly wherein you get weekly tailor-made emails regarding the value added by Grammarly towards your writing skills.

11) What is your 'customer success' process? What is your plan to en-cash the delighted customer?

12) What are your plans to collect the user-created content like testimonials?

I hope this piece of content helps the marketers to plan the experience path for their industry.

Be ready to design your own experience map for your customers.

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