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Great ways to use the power of 'Customer Reviews'

Today's era is the ' Rating💥💥💥💥💥' era. We do give five-star for well behaved Ola or Uber drivers and vice versa. We add various tools to our browser extension based on the ratings as well as a number of customers. We choose the hotels in Goibibo based on the STAR ratings. Customer feedback plays an important role in buyer's journeys. There are a number of platforms like Glassdoor to check the culture of an organization/to rate the CEO or Google reviews for checking the quality of service of a company. According to a survey done by HubSpot Academy, more than 52% of the buyers consider reviews and ratings of the existing users when they want to explore new solutions. 48% of the buyers look for ratings and reviews by the existing customers when they make a buying decision.

Image Source - HubSpot Academy.

It is a fact ( based on a study) that salespeople are less trusted people (only after politicians). Pushing the solutions is the very common behavior of the salespeople. Such being the case, the ratings by the existing customers definitely plays a major role in the buyer's journey either in exploring the new solution or making a decision to buy the solution. The positive ratings and customer testimonials by the existing relevant customers can help the company to a great extent to attract new customers. However, very few companies leverage the ' Good reviews' by the users as a marketing tool.

You can really use the customer reviews and testimonials to a great extent in the customer journey as well as in your customer communication. The following are the ways you can utilize the power of customer ratings.

1) Add the ( good) ratings given by the customers on the landing page

If your product has good ratings by a huge number of customers, then you do not need much marketing efforts. Crowd pulls the crowd and you can directly add the ratings on your landing page. The best example I can provide here is Grammarly which is one of the best writing tools.

Grammarly is a great writing analysis tool used by more than 20 million customers and Grammarly Chrome extension has a 4.7 STAR rating. Following is the way, Grammarly has leveraged its customer's reviews.

Grammarly has used its good rating by 34000 + Chrome store reviews as a great communication to affirm the quality and added this data on the landing page itself. The first thing you observe when you land on the page is 5-star ratings by millions of customers.

2) Use Customer Testimonials on the landing page.

You can use the testimonials given by your satisfied customers as a great tool to attract the customers during their buying journey. The best example I can give is by Brand24 which is one of the great online reputation agencies.

When you land on the page of BRAND24, you can see the testimonials given by various customers. It is not what you say as a company, but it is what existing customers are talking about you.

3) Using Customer Testimonials at the ' Sign Up' button.

To give a sort of confidence for the new customers a couple of companies are using Customer Testimonials near the Sign-Up button. The best example I can give is Milkshake.

This is the time to create great customer value and great customer reviews which can communicate about the value creation by you. Use the ratings wisely to attract and engage new customers.

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