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Have you have designed a 'Success Plan'​ for your customers? It is important!

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Customer Succes is a never-ending journey.

Our job is to ensure that everyone on our platform achieves their definition of success. To ensure this we should have a 'success plan' for our customers as well as to internal stakeholders. To build a success plan, one should know where the customers are at today and where they want to go. It is our responsibility to define the path to the success of the customer. We can call the defined path ( a document) for customer success as a 'Success Plan'.

There is a broad framework given by SuccessHACKER ( to define a success plan. I tried to create a success plan for our company.

1) Company highlight

Sententia Educational Solutions is an AI-supported SaaS platform with English grammar, style, and text with the local language support. Sententia platform has English content, assessment, and certifications. Sententia has both B2B2C as well as B2B model.

2) Objectives

The objective of Sententia is to help the users to write error-free documents that make the right impression. Sententia user learns while writing ( habit formation cycle), reading, and assessments.

Sententia is keen to help the customer with the browser extension and autocorrect so that the user can easily use the solution wherever needed.

2) Key Challenges ( Faced by the customers)

Lack of quality English teachers in remote areas in India is a major challenge. English is the second language and students/employees struggle to write error-free documents in educational institutes. No single platform is offering a solution in writing analysis, content, and certification in the SaaS model.

3) Key Benefits ( Of Sententia for the customers)

1) Anyone who wants to write better can use Sententia. An extension can help the users to write error-free documents.

2) Adaptive Learning- Sententia platform is adaptive in nature and learners can learn on his pace and time.

3) The learner can practice unlimited assessment to practice for any competitive exam preparation.

4) Users can get the certification and use the certification as proof of their capabilities during the job interviews.

4) Milestones and action dates

Aims to reach 200000 customers in the year financial year 2020-21.

5) Success Criteria and metrics of Success (Only for internal use)

1) The conversion rate of 40% from free to paid.

2) 70% of the student users must achieve the first level of certification.

3) The average user should be 3 hours per week per user.

4) 20% upselling in certifications.

I have done an attempt to simplify the success plan and the next plan is how we have to achieve these goals.

What about you? Whether have you planned yours?

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