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How to create great slides for teaching for free?- Canva Tool for teachers.

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

The gist of the article

The challenge for the teachers is to 'engage' the students in the classroom. Because of 'digitization' Education space is facing a whole lot of challenges. The main challenge is how to retain the focus of the children? Since the kids are growing up with mobile and other gadgets and are exposed to a lot of content every day. Hence, teachers also have to be tech-savvy and use freely available digital tools like Canva to create attractive presentations.

The surge of EdTech companies is threatening the very existence of the colleges and colleges have to adopt online teaching and have to come up with innovation in teaching delivery.


There are two major things happening across the world in the Education sector.

1) Digitization of the classrooms across the globe.

2) Rise of online classes mainly because of COVID19.

The challenge of the teacher today is to engage the students and getting his or her attention span. The 'chalk and talk' method has become totally outdated and a majority of the schools have adopted ICT in schools. Teachers have to use ICT resources and teach effectively in the classrooms.

COVID has thrown yet another challenge for the teachers and educators. Online education increased and teachers have to learn new skills. The following are the new skills teachers have to learn today.

a) Preparing presentations

b) Using a whiteboard to write and explain the concept

c) Camera friendly approach

d) Handling online platforms like Zoho or Zoom

e) Using digital tools like Grammarly write without any errors. There are many more alternatives for Grammarly which can be used to write error-free documents.

f) Use of tools like Canva or Stencil to create awesome presentations to attract and engage the students

Today, we are going to look at how tools like Canva or Stencil can help the teachers to create great presentations.

For free, Educational Institutes can create interesting presentations to explain the concepts without spending too much of time. The good part is that a majority of the resources available in Canva is free. One can use either Canva or Stencil.

This is a step by step guide to creating great presentations.


Login to

You can log in with your login id or with your Facebook id.


After login, choose to enter as 'teacher'


Go for Education resources. It is free! forever! The good part is that Canva has tons of templates, elements, small clips of videos. You can add the texts and download the PNG or PDF files for free.

Step- 4

Go to editing panel and you can give special effects and you can animate your slides.


Create your own tailor-made slide. Use Text in different styles and colors.

Step- 6

Add video effects to your slide. You can choose the small video clips which you can add to the slides. Or you can upload your own clips.

Step -7

You can add various slides as per your requirement. For example, you are taking the class on Botany and you can add the images of the foliage.

Step- 8

If you are conducting Maths or Stats class you can add the colorful graphs!

Step- 9

You can download the presentation in PDF, Video, or PNG format and use it in the classroom or for online delivery.

Step- 10

You can get a lot of videos on 'how to use Canva'.

You can see the comparison of Stencil and Canva

I hope this piece of content is useful for the teachers to prepare the presentations for free. You can check the alternative for Canva which can also help you to create great presentations. Try yourself and play around with the tool to create your own designs.

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