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The Best alternatives to Canva 2021:Best graphic designing tools for content creation

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

Canva is powerful graphic design software that provides users with the tools necessary to create professional marketing materials. The Canva interface, which employs the "drag-and-drop" method, offers users a variety of design templates that can be easily customized to fit any marketing campaign. Presentation layouts are just as easy to create as are graphics for social media posts and web pages.

Easily create stunning graphics, posters, presentations, and more. With Canva it is simple to make professional designs that are perfect for your needs. Canva is the best graphic designing tool for creating logos, infographics, presentations etc.

Alternatives to Canva for Graphic Design in the year 2021


Though Canva is a great tool, there are very good alternatives out there in the market competing with Canva with throw away pricing. The best example is Crello.

Crello is unquestionably the best graphic designing tool on the market because of all of its advanced features that are not found in other tools.

Crello has a very professional looking design and it’s not too overwhelming for new users. It’s also very easy to use with a drag and drop interface. Crello is also good for more experienced users because it has more advanced features like real-time animation, 3D models, and more. You can create your own templates using Crello, so if you have a specific idea in mind you can create something from scratch.

Canva is a simpler graphics design app than Crello with fewer features for advanced designers. For this reason, people who know what they want can find Crello easier to use.


Pixelied is an application that can be used as an alternative for Canva. It has all the features of Canva but also has some extra features like geometric shapes, icons, and fonts. Pixelied is graphic design software that helps you to create graphics such as logos, banners, social media images, infographics etc.

Pixelied is an alternative to Canva that can do the same things and more. With a drag and drop interface, it is easy for anyone to use. The layout of Pixelied is more intuitive and does not take as long to figure out. There are thousands of templates available for all kinds of projects with just a couple of clicks.

Another alternative besides Pixelied is Pixelie which also provides the same services with a drag and drop interface like Canva does. It has one major difference - it's free!

Pixelied is a free online graphic design application that relies on artificial intelligence. This AI-powered tool helps you create visuals from scratch or edit existing ones.

It has three main components: Design, Animations, and Effects. You can use it to create logos, business cards, flyers and other printed materials or digital media- such as social media banners or YouTube thumbnails.

One of the best things about Pixelied is that it's completely free to use and there are no restrictions on how you can use the designs you make with it. That means that once you've created a logo for your company, you're free to use that logo however way you please in all your marketing materials - without needing any extra permissions from Pixelied.

Pixelied is a graphic designing application that lets you create designs in a simple and pixelated way.

You can design from scratch, import pictures from your library and edit them with the app’s features, or choose from one of the many templates.

It is an alternative to popular apps like Canva because it has all of its features but is also more intuitive and easier to use.


Snappa is a graphic designing tool that is available on the web and as a desktop app.

The application has a drag-and-drop interface with numerous tools like fonts, shapes, text boxes, filters and more. The user can either start from scratch or use one of Snappa’s templates.

Snappa also offers an alternative to Canva for design professionals who need advanced features like video and audio editing or special effects.

Some of the key benefits of Snappa are its versatility in design types or templates, speed in designing and easy sharing of the designs with others.

Snappa also has an intuitive drag-and-drop interface which makes it easy for beginners to learn how to use it without any tutorials or training videos.

With the Snappa graphic designing tool, you can create your own graphics with ease. You can create custom logos, flyers, social media graphics in just minutes. The best part? It is a lot easier and cheaper than any other graphic design tool on the market.

The Snappa alternative for Canva is more than just a graphics designing tool. It is an all-inclusive solution to all your graphic design needs - from logo to Facebook cover page and everything in between. The user interface of this app is also very easy to use which makes it really attractive for beginners who may not be too familiar with graphic designers.

Snappa is a graphic designing tool that offers a range of design templates and pre-made marketing materials.

It is also an alternative to Canva and it offers a more advanced interface with more features, such as layer options, font styles, shapes and more. When it comes to pricing, Snappa is slightly cheaper than Canva.

A good quality graphic design can have a big impact on the success of your social media posts or any other online marketing campaign you are running. This is why online tools like Snappa are so popular these days - they make design easier for everyone who doesn’t have previous experience or skills in this area.


Stencil is a graphic design tool that is an alternative for Canva. It provides a wide range of templates for all types of graphic designs and was created to make the process of designing simpler for people who are new to graphic design. It is also worth noting that Stencil does not require any upfront cost or monthly fees like Canva, which can make it more attractive for some artists looking for a free and easy-to-use graphic design tool.

There are many reasons why someone would choose Stencil over Canva. One thing that makes them similar is the variety of templates available in each program, but there are also some key differences that set them apart from each other. For example, Stencil does not require any upfront cost or monthly fee whereas with Canva you have to pay a monthly fee.

Stencil is a graphic designing tool that takes the guesswork out of content creation. It is an alternative to Canva, which many designers are already using for their design needs.

Stencil provides templates and graphics that can be edited and created in a matter of minutes. And it offers common graphics such as infographics, social media images, and logos. But the thing about stencil is that it has a library with over 1000+ free templates for social media posts, blog posts, and more!

Canva is very similar to stencil in terms of pricing - both are free to use. But stencil does have the upper hand on Canva since it has more templates available in its library than Canva does.

Stencil is a free graphic design tool that was designed to make it easy to create professional-quality graphics and layouts in a matter of minutes.

It's similar to another popular graphic design tool, Canva. But there are some key differences between Stencil and Canva.

One of the main differences is that Stencil lets you customize your templates with your own logo or colours. Another difference is the variety of templates Stencil offers - from product packaging to social media banners, card designs, Instagram posts, Facebook ads, and more. Stencil's templates are also one-of-a-kind - meaning you won't get any repeats while you're working on a project as you do with Canva.


1) Canva is the best of all the tools. Canva got funding recently and it is going to outperform all other tools. UI-UX and features of Canva are far better than any other tools.

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2) Crello is the best alternatives if you buy the tool in the AppSumo deal. (USD 49.00 for lifetime unlimited access.

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3) Pixelied is also a better alternative and you can buy the tool for 49 USD for lifetime access.

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