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Updated: Jan 12, 2022

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1) What is

Writer is an online grammar checker that can help professionals to write better. We can see that Writer is mainly built for teams, especially for content development teams or marketing teams, and for the B2B market. Writer is an online real-time editor that can help professional users. The writers need an AI writing assistant that provides consistently excellent corrections and suggestions in the real-time they write online. The writer achieves that for you and it has the following features.

  • Grammar AI that can help you with the real-time editor:

Every writer has a style of writing. In the case of companies or corporates, style is very important for tone-setting for communication. The grammar rules of Writer are so accurate and robust since the underlying machine learning models are trained on data from people writing at work — not students or people just starting to learn English.

  • Brand voice guidelines:

One can customize Writer’s voice suggestions to suit their requirement. One can choose from various formal voices, casual voices, or friendly voices.

  • Customizable content styleguide:

As we have mentioned earlier, Writer is mainly used for teams in B2B content. The editorial guidelines are based on the brand voice and tone of the companies and the user can customize the content style guide in Writer. From date formats to punctuation use to capitalization preferences, select your own, and then share them with a team. Writer is the most customizable writing assistant available, and the choice of professional writers and we can see that other formal ai writing software like Grammarly or Ginger software does not have content customization feature.

What are the various features of and how it is beneficial for your company?

A design system for content

You can create the content styleguide with the help of Writer. You need to code or take the help of an engineer to add styleguides to your writing.

Rapid launch of style guides across the organisation

It is very easy to launch the styleguide of your company online in record time using templates and examples.

You can define your own guidelines

With the help of Writer one can define their own guidelines.

Link to your rules, term banks, and Snippets libraries in Writer.

Custom styling

For branding purposes, companies can choose fonts, colors, and branding, and add CSS to any page to fine-tune its look and function/

Unlimited viewers

Companies can publish the styleguide to the web so they can share the styleguides far and wide.

Always up to date

Companies can discard the old styleguides. and continuously add styleguides based on the requirement. Use Preview Mode to make sure updates are good to go.

3) Who can benefit most from Writer?

Content developers, Digital Marketers, Professionals writers, Editors, Operational and IT teams, Support teams, Learning Development, and HR teams are the people who can get the most from Writer.

Content developers and content marketers

Content developers and content marketers create content and for them, ensuring the grammar quality, style guides, and brand voice are very important factors.

Brand management

Similar to content marketers, creative brand teams and copywriters use AI writing tools to write with a consistent voice across multiple touchpoints, including product and services descriptions, brand messaging and positioning, and advertising copy. AI writing assistants like Writer allow brand teams to customize their terminology, voice, and tone standards.


Communications professionals, including those who work for PR agencies, nonprofits, and government agencies, use AI writing assistants to ensure that they’re writing in the most appropriate tone for their target audience. Communications leaders also use AI writing software to proofread their writing and make sure it's on-brand and consistent with other organizational announcements.

Support, training, and documentation

Customer support teams and customer service agents use AI writing assistants to scale the process of writing effective emails, chats, help desk content, and other messaging and information for customers. AI writing software helps large teams ensure they’re providing consistent answers to customers’ questions and problems.

Human resources

HR teams and recruiters use AI writing software to scale the process of posting job descriptions, recruiting materials, company promotions, and internal company communications. Specialized AI tools help ensure messaging is inclusive, thoughtful, and written in a welcoming tone.

SEO professionals

SEO teams use AI writing assistants to ensure website copy is clear, high-quality, and free of grammar mistakes.

Advertising teams

Similar to brand specialists, advertising leaders use AI writing software to ensure their advertising copy is high-quality and clearly understood by their target audience. In addition to copy editing, advertisers use specialized AI tools for analytics and insights into why specific words and phrases impact marketing performance.


As the saying goes, editing is perhaps the most important part of writing. Literary writers, journalists, essayists, bloggers, and other wordsmiths use AI writing assistants to help them revise and polish their books, articles, and other content. Some AI software also helps with topical research.

4) How does the Writer grammar checker beat Grammarly’s? V/S Grammarly

We are mentioning the important features of Writer that Grammarly does not offer.

1) Writer has style guides to align your whole team with brand voice and writing style. You can customize your style guide.

2) Writer offers 'Terminology approval' feature. You can approve or ban certain terminologies to ensure consistency in content.

3) Writer offers a plain-language converter.

4) Writer offers a style guide sharing option. You can share it internally or in the public.

5) Writer offers customized content scoring.

6) You can turn on or turn off different types of writing suggestions.

7) You can ban the words in Writer.

8) Writer offers detailed parts of speech context.

5) Conclusion

For teams, in the B2B context, Writer offers better features than Grammarly and Writer is a clear winner in the B2B market.

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